Ray/Refrain ★ 22 ★ he/they ★ 🇮🇩
Commission status: CLOSED

Hi! I'm an illustrator/graphic designer based in Indonesia.

I currently work full-time on my webcomic, "Boyfriends".

If you have any business inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me through twitter/instagram/email :D

+ FAQ +

+ Can I use your art as icons/layout?
Sure, as long as you credit me.

+ Can I repost your works?
No. Please do not repost my art anywhere else. POSTING MY PATREON CONTENT IS ESPECIALLY PROHIBITED.

+ Can I translate your works?
Translating and reposting Boyfriends is PROHIBITED. You may ask me to translate my other works.

+ What tools/programs do you use?
Display tablet: Wacom 16"
Art program: Clip Studio Paint
System: Custom PC

+ PC Specs?
Ryzen 7 5800X
ROG Strix B550-A Gaming White
Corsair Vengeance White 2x16 GB
Lian Li Lancool 205 White
ROG Strix LC 240 White
Corsair CX650F White
iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G-V

+ What brush/font do you use?
The brush I usually use is Flat Man Soft, and I use Digital Strip 2.0 for my comic lettering.

+ Will you ever make merch of Boyfriends?
Yes, I'm working on some Boyfriends merch at the moment! Unfortunately, print versions will not be available for a long time though.

+ Will you ever continue VR AU/Hey Now?
I have no intention to do so. I kindly ask you to disassociate me with those works moving forward.